You Can Now Track Me

You Can Now Track Me

Now that I have a Garmin GPS watch I will be uploading every walk I do. It will detail the route I take, my pace and also the time it took me to do the walk.

It can also go as in-depth as the elevation of my walk, and how my pace changes on these hills, along with average pace, and even breaks this down as to each mile. These will vary quite considerably through my last few weeks of training as I walk around London but you will be able to see my day to day progress as I go through my challenge. It will be very interesting to see how this changes throughout the three and a half months that I am out in the USA.

You can see each logged walk on my home page and all you have to do is click on the plus symbol on the right to see the basic details. you can then view more details by following the instructions.

We are testing this software out for now and will be trying to utilise it to it’s full capacity. Please give us some time with this and if you see any issues please contact us.

Jon Beeby
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