First session with Corporate Conditioning

First session with Corporate Conditioning

Tuesday 15th Feb rugby training was canceled and I managed to book in my first appointment with Corporate Conditioning. After doing a 10 mile training walk that morning I wasn’t entirely convinced I had made the right choice, but then I have to try and have to put my body through it’s paces.

When I met up with James he informed me he was just going to see what sort of stamina I had in my legs. After being introduced to his equipment, trust me I am being polite, we got straight into the session. By the end of it I could hardly do a lunge my legs we so fatigued. It felt amazing because when I walk my muscles rarely burn out, it is usually my feet that go first. So the training session, although quite hard for a first session, felt like I have achieved something by the end of it.

James did also told me that I had been miss informed about running and walking using different muscles, in his words “you are still using the same legs!” So I will edit this on the site. Next training session is on Sunday morning. Sorry there are no pictures but we trained in the dark last night. I will get some pictures this Sunday.

Jon Beeby
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