Day 89 – Time To Say Goodbye

Day 89 – Time To Say Goodbye

So that is it, it is the end end. Thank you to all who have followed me on this ridiculous Journey of America, something I will never forget. I really feel like people have been with me all the way. Getting messages from people like James Winter in Australia who read the blog religiously on his journey to and from work, Tom Eddison who read it on the bus, Vicky and Joe who are getting married in Aug and have followed me every step of the way.

I want to say a massive thank you to my sponsors. Mainly, King of shaves and Remington for their headline sponsorship, I hope I have plugged the Azor 5 enough and I will be handing out many more in Las Vegas when I get out there in a couple of days. Also every other sponsor not only did they help fund but have been in touch and cheering me on all the way through the journey.

Now for a very special mention.

Phil Davis

Phil, the rascal, is the reason I coach rugby right now. He has very quietly been behind the scenes, sending an e-mail here and there just checking up on me and making sure I am kept well up to date with the Ladies team back home. Phil has been fantastic not only on this walk but also just as a fellow coach and friend. I received an e-mail from him asking if I wanted to do anything like this again…Right now my answer would have to be NO! but in time I am sure we will work something out and we may go off exploring together. Phil, this is your blog mention….I thought I would save the best till last. Thank you for your support.

A massive thank you to all my family, Mum, Dad, Moe, Chris, Alice, Rich and Mandy, Granny, The Italians, Weewon & Tommy, Paul…. This list is endless. To all of you and anyone who I might have forgotten…I love you all and thank you so much for every message you have sent.

Friends: George & Liz – I can’t wait to move back in. Thea – start working we have a machine to run, Joe & Vicky – it’s beer o’clock, Jordan – you are gonna love California, Buxton – I haven’t forgotten that mammoth brunch you promised…. again to all my friends…thank you so so much for everything you have done.

And finally anyone who has ever annoyed me or doubted me. I honestly mean this. These are the people that made me so determined to finish this walk. There were times when I genuinely thought I wouldn’t finish the walk and the drive and determination came from all those times that people thought I wouldn’t be able to do something. I wanted to prove them wrong. So to all these people, you may or may not know who you are, but thank you.

So here we are, all done, it has been emotional and one of the greatest trips of my life. I will be using twitter at @JonBeeby so come say hello.

Thanks for all the support and donations.

Long Road

Jon Beeby
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