Day 78 – Desert Rose

Day 78 – Desert Rose

Leaving Phoenix

I left a little earlier today after being warned by Ryan that the temperature was going to be sky high today. I wanted to try and get one cool stint in today. I headed out from the city limits and soon I was on a dust road. This slows the pace down but it is a lot more relaxing on the feet. After about 5 minutes I found myself right in the middle of an open shooting range. It was ridiculous. Just guns going off left right and centre. I made it out the other side and headed off, guns shots echoing behind me.

The Desert

So I am now in the desert! It is exactley what I expected to be and it is brutal. Maybe it is psychological, maybe it is hotter but I was drinking water like a fish, i managed to get sun burnt even with a tonne of suncream on. Anyway I have about 5 more days of it, So i am psyching myself up for it. I guess that due to us being up in the mountains for so long and then jumping down into the desert almost straight away means my body hasn’t acclimatised properly. I am sure I will manage. I just need to cover up and make sure I drink enough water!


Another amazing sunset. I looked up at it, and kind of laughed to myself. This is the part of the trip I have been waiting for! The toughest five days are ahead of me, yet I see such a beautiful sight. I thought about how I have done this and how little time I have left on this journey. I want to try and enjoy it but I cannot stop thinking about the finish and how much I want to relax after it all. Then I think I will reflect on some of the amazing things I have seen and the constant welcoming nature of the Americans. This sunset was a picture and it really made me think what an amazing trip this has been so far!

Jon Beeby
  • Nigel
    Posted at 19:54h, 18 July

    Ah Beebs the desert looks amazing. You know how much I wanted to see it. I didn’t want to walk across it though! How’s the RV holding up and have you got any problems getting water now you are in the desert? I can’t believe how far you have walked (I walked 4 miles today and my feet hurt!) You are one amazing dude!

  • Thedudemoe
    Posted at 21:11h, 18 July

    Start walking earlier when it is cooler?
    Take the beard off and that will free up some sweat pores!
    Whatever you do do NOT visit Lake Havasu!! That’s the town that bought London Bridge thinking it was Tower Bridge and it is full of clone people – they are really weird man – ask your Mom!  They still have the bridge.
    Good luck with the rest of the desert – I did warn you but it will help to clear your mind of the finish line – take it at a day at a time – just like beating a drug.
    We are with you and think of you all the time..Love you kid!!

  • Roger Matson
    Posted at 03:52h, 19 July

    Jon, Hows it going sound like you are doing well even though it is hot!!!!  In Lincoln IL. it was 96 degree in the shade heat index at 104. I Hope your hands are better they look pretty sun burnt.  We are working on the video it is being edited, we put some insert of you and dads travel to Lincoln and some of the events the day of the filming. I hope it is not to long, it is what Lincoln is all about. When you come back to Lincoln Main Street is going to have a return to Lincoln Party.  Gods Speed  roger