Day 76 – Phoenix From The Flame

Day 76 – Phoenix From The Flame

Arrived in Phoenix and the temperature has shot up again! It only gets hotter from here!


I arrived in Phoenix just after the first leg. I stood at the top of the Hill on the East side of the city and all 30 miles Phoenix stood before me. I had a long day ahead. I have mentioned before that walking through a city is good because there is lots to look at but it also takes longer due to the pedestrian crossings. I headed across the city on McDowell Road that runs across the city and got a pretty good view. When you walk across a city in one days it surprises me how quickly areas change, from the outskirts to a Latin area to the city to a less wealthy area. A great way to get a feel for a city.


Shaun was walking with me and a car pulled up and Brian the driver shouted out ‘ are you guys walking across the country?’ I said yes and asked him where he had heard about us, he said the news. I am not sure if he had me confused with someone else or I am getting publicity I didn’t know about but either way it was great to meet him briefly and also have my photo taken with him. I would also like to thank Brian for the bottle of water he gave me and the good luck he sent us on our way with. Phoenix has been pretty friendly even though it did take me 3 petrol station to find a loo! I thought cities were supposed to be really well equipped!

Fellow Walkers

As we continued on I walked along a small irrigation river and on the other side I saw a man by the name of Michael who was fully kitted out with walking poles, massive backpack and looked quite serious. It turned out he was out training for a walk form Denver to Chicago. He looked like the real deal with all his gear! I wish Michael well on his journey and I know he will see some amazing things and meet some very interesting people. I hope to hear from him but if not I will find out about him and post more about it all when he starts in a week.

Jon Beeby
  • Vickywilkins
    Posted at 11:55h, 18 July

    Beebs – Didnt you want to stop to enter the Gun Show!! Cant believe you are so nearly finished!!

  • Alicebeeby
    Posted at 20:17h, 24 July

    love the Gunshow photo, should have been wearing your Gun Show t-shirt hahaha xx