Day 72 – Jerusalem

Day 72 – Jerusalem

No I haven’t turned super religious, but more in reference to ‘Green and Pleasant Lands’. The terrain is changing more and more each day!


I definitely got too excited about the count down yesterday. Today seemed to take for ever to get through. I have to just focus, as I have for the rest of the trip, on the day, the leg and maybe even mile I am on. Like I said today seemed to take for ever, it wasn’t helped by two legs of today’s journey I was walking through a thunderstorm. Apparently we are in the middle of monsoon season…In the middle of summer…what is going on? Anyway I got through it and manged 43 miles today. Every extra mile is a great boost. I like thinking that every extra mile means I finish on my final day 17 minutes earlier! Still I am glad we are not traveling in this RV I saw today.


As my good friend George Kremples pointed out there is a certain irony going through a town called Snowflake in the middle of the Arizona desert. We are still at 5-6000 feet. So I guess they get snow in winter. Snowflake is a Mormon town with one of the few Mormon temples. I spoke with shaun who has quite a lot of knowledge about them. I presumed it would be a strange town due to my lack of knowledge but to be honest they were all very nice people and before I knew it I was out the other side and heading towards Payson about 80 miles away. When I get to Payson I will then be heading south to Phoenix. I did find this on the side of the road and Shaun took a picture of me!

Green And Pleasant Land

The land between here and Phoenix changes drastically. Today I was walking through mostly dry baron land, but the last leg took me into a National Forest. It is very green and with the rain it reminded me of the mountains at the top of the Sierra Nevada’s that I have skied the last couple of years with Thea, a very close friend from school. I will be in this forest until the end of tomorrow I think. Then we drop down off the ridge and into the severe heat of the desert down at 1000 feet. As for now I am enjoying the refreshing rain and cool weather.


Jon Beeby
  • Hazelpalmer
    Posted at 10:12h, 12 July

    You’re doing amazingly Beebs! I can’t believe how far you’ve got! It seems like you did it really quickly to me, but maybe not for you. Keep going, nearly there! x

  • Thea
    Posted at 13:01h, 12 July

    we didn’t ski … we boarded like heros!!! “what’s the worst thing about skiing…?” I totally thought we were in the rockies!! xx

  • Vickywilkins
    Posted at 16:11h, 14 July

    I like the song Jerusalem – Good song beebs – Keep up walking

  • Thedudemoe
    Posted at 16:38h, 14 July

    The Mormons do not have a very good history – you’ll find that out if you read ‘Blood & Thunder’ – murdered quite a few settlers.  Chief 9toes.  xx