Day 69 – Boom Boom Boom Let Me Hear You Say Wayo

Day 69 – Boom Boom Boom Let Me Hear You Say Wayo

Last day of the week. I am so happy to be at the end of this week. It seems short but then the last two weeks have been 7 days of walking where as now we are back to 6 days. It is better as I know I am worn out and I feel that walking 7 days really takes it’s toll on my body.


I woke up this morning to two cameras in my face. I know we are making a documentary and I am pretty used to being in front of the camera but this was a little strange. I tried to act as naturally as possible but even still, going about my normal routine felt strange and slightly forced. Anyway I got through it and headed off on my first leg. It is great having these guys on board and I know from some of the shots I have seen already that the footage is going to be great.

State 11

At the mid point of leg 2 I hit my 11th State border, Arizona. I now only have two states left to cross. Arizona was always set to be the hardest of the 12. With the heat and the terrain I am due for some pretty tough challenges, but hopefully, as with the rest of the trip, I will take each day and each challenge as it comes. We are set for some seriously high temperatures but as long as I keep pasting on the 50 SPF and drinking enough water all should be fine and I should be at the finish line on time in just over two weeks.

Last Leg

Shaun decided, even with a fully blistered foot, he would join me for my last leg. We had a bit of confusion just before I left as the time zone had changed again. This is due to the Indian reserves of Arizona not adhering to the Daylight Saving Hours like the rest of the country. So for a section of our trip we go back an hour, then forward an hour then back an hour again. Anyway we headed off on our last leg of the week. We were hit by a thunderstorm but pushed through as I do with most of the challenges. We then hit the 42nd miles of the day and no RV in sight. It seems the RV had slightly miscalculated and we ended up walking to 43.6 miles. It was tough but in the end every extra mile counts. We then drove into St. Johns for our day off. After a game of pool in a local bar I was done and headed to bed. 


Jon Beeby
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