Day 06 – Final Long Day Of Week 1

Day 06 – Final Long Day Of Week 1

A Good Start

Although a cold start I saw Bill Gunther again, who was on his way to work, a quick beep of the horn and him waving his cap at me was a sign that this would be a good day! I headed off into Bloomsburg which is a really nice little town. Having said this there was a man’s car driven into a store front and the Police were shutting the main road.


After leg 1 we drove up the road to do a much needed shop. I have to be there as I hold the credit card and we can’t think of a legal way around it! This place was massive I mean like a warehouse or an aircraft hanger! We stocked up, fueled up and I headed off on Leg 2!

The Sun

Being ginger a lot of people commented on how sunburnt I was going to get on my travels! The fact is I thought I would get burnt in the usual places, neck, arms face, but no, as with everything I am doing on this trip it took me by surprise. My calves got really badly sunburnt! Very, very sore!


As I get close to the end of the day I am walking through some pretty amazing places. Lewisburg in particular. It was a classical American town and I hit it early on a Friday night. Such an amazing little town and I am starting to think that when I am all done I might take a road trip in a car to go and visit these places. It is a little bit of a shame to just walk through them and not get time to explore. From Lewisburg to the finishing post was hard, and I mean I had to stop my music and try and focus, it was dark again and I really wanted to hit 40 miles. I went over on my ankle twice and was getting blinded by headlights. I am not gonna try and make out I am something I am not so to be completely honest, there were some tears in this leg. I have found that I have an alter ego, my normal fairly laid back attitude is my normal persona, but when things get hard, the alter ego comes out and he is like Gunnery Sgt. Hartman from Full Metal Jacket! But even on this leg he was broken. For the first time I stopped and put both hands on my knees. Once again I was running on fumes! I finally got to the RV, ate, and went straight to bed!


A quick note from Nigel ‘last night your tossing and turning at the front of the RV had it moving around so much I nearly got bounced out of bed at the back, that along with some seriously disconcerting moans and groans meant I didn’t get much sleep either!’

I should probably get my legs looked at!!

Jon Beeby
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  • Thea
    Posted at 07:54h, 10 May

    @jonbeeby Can you take a photo of the sunburn and put it up here please?!!