Day 57 – Home

Day 57 – Home

In New Mexico and It feels like home, I guess this is because I know places between Santa Fe and California so I am in familiar territory. I just have a funny feeling inside that things will get better.

Dusty Roads

I Spent the majority of today walking on dusty country roads. It is a little ridiculous that on Google maps all the roads look the same but the state of the road can change from tar to dust at one intersection. The sandy roads make driving the RV a little tricky but Shaun is doing a great job with making sure the RV makes it through the rough terrain. We took one turn that lead us into a ranch that felt more like desert than anywhere else I have been on this trip. The ranch was on a cliff edge so we dropped down about 700 feet into the valley below. I can’t believe I have been walking on a plateau all this time. We were soon back on the original Route 66 which is now a dust track since they recycled the tar for the new roads when it was decommissioned.

Santa Fe Railway

When I got back on Route 66 in New Mexico, I was walking parallel to a disused railway line. I believe this to be the old track for the BNSF line that I have followed all the way from Chicago. I can’t believe I have walked all this was and the track has popped up and disappeared so frequently. I can’t wait to get to Santa Fe knowing I have completed the whole of this railway line.


When I crossed over into Santa Fe, not only did the terrain change drastically, but my feelings changed. I have already said why this feels like home, but also there is just a feeling you get when you come into a new state. I recognise the look of people, the number plates and also the types of cars. The last time I was in new Mexico was Christmas of 2009 and that feels like a long time ago. Getting to Santa Fe and seeing everyone there will be another huge mile stone, especially as we will be under 1000 miles to the finish. I am getting over excited to get there.

Jon Beeby
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  • Thedudemoe
    Posted at 08:47h, 05 July

    Love the shot of the long dusty road and your shadow – brill! xx  9toeGeezer.