Day 53 – Big Country (The Theme Tune)

Day 53 – Big Country (The Theme Tune)

WOW Texas just gets better and better.


Besides passing the time, music is actually really important to get a feel for the landscape. Sometimes I go for a day or two without putting my headphones in, but when I do, I try to listen to music that compliments what I am seeing. It is pointless listening to Hard House whilst walking through this countryside. More big rolling film scores from things like Big Country, Blazing Saddles and The Magnificent 7. James Winter knows what I am talking about, I think together we have listened to nearly every piece of music that has been written for the wild west movie scene! Whilst listening to these tracks it is amazing how it can make you smile or you see things in a slightly different light.


So now the humidity is down to 11% the dust is becoming more apparent. When I finished today I had a shower and when I got out I had the most horrific itching in my legs. I could not get it to subside. It could be due to the amount of suncream I am putting on but also the dirt that is in the air seems to have something to do with it. As a trial I put some medical alcohol on some cotton wool and wiped it down my leg, bear in mind this is after my shower. Have a look at this photo. It is pretty grim. Anyway we have now decided that I will wipe down my legs half way through the day to give them a chance to breath.

I Love Texas

This place is amazing, the people, the trucks, the cowboys. I know this is a little repetitive of yesterday but it feels like the soul of America. Cows everywhere, roadside dinners and a vast landscape that you can’t really comprehend whilst you walk through it. Plus I got to see my first twister today. Only a baby one but still it was there! Shaun noticed it and we both just stopped and admired it.

Just a funny moment today where by this sign some guys stopped and asked us if we needed a ride! I laughed about it as I had just pointed it out to Helen!




Jon Beeby
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  • Thedudemoe
    Posted at 09:55h, 27 June

    Howdy p’tner!  You’re really seeing and feeling the whole of America and the differences of which there are many like a patchworked quilt right across the entire land – I am so thrilled that you love it – you know the feeling now!!  xx