Day 05 – The Hardest Day So Far!

Day 05 – The Hardest Day So Far!

Starting Up Hill

As I left Wiessport I seemed to be heading up hill. But this wasn’t the worst part, it was freezing. I was shaking it was so cold so I tried to walk faster to keep myself warm. Then when I was about 3.5 miles from the end of the first leg Nigel passed me in the van. This is always a welcome sight! Just a reminder that I am not alone out here and how he hasn’t got cabin fever yet I am not quite sure! Anyway as he passed me I started on this hill that went on and on and on! It was relentless. I just kept on plodding and finally got to the top of it and hit 9.5 miles. As I turned the corner there was this long straight road about a 1.5 miles with no sign of Nigel. I was going to call to see where he was but I thought I would keep going. Sneaky support team leader had hidden the RV in a parking lot at about 11 miles but it was a much-needed stop.

The Wind

Aside from the hills, the wind really took it out of me, and no matter which direction I was going, North, South, East or West, the wind was always against me. My energy levels were low and by the time I got to the end of leg three I was almost about to collapse. I ate as much as I could and headed off!

Last leg

Nothing left in the tank, so burnt out and every step was like walking on drawing pins. On the upside this is where I met the best character of my journey so far, Bill Gunther of Bloomsburg PA. The only way to explain this is in this video! What a hero, a great way to finish a really challenging day!

Jon Beeby
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