Day 46 – Prince Ali (Aladdin)

Day 46 – Prince Ali (Aladdin)

Today is the last day of Ali being with us. It seems only two minutes ago I was saying goodbye to Nigel and going through the basics of the RV with Ali. We also reached the midway point through Oklahoma, Chandler.

The Support Team

I can’t say I didn’t have my worries just before the last crew change around. With more people being in the truck, the addition of a girl and just the average age being younger. Having said all this, they have been absolutely amazing. We have had such a laugh together. From discussions about excessive food intake to some hilariously stupid questions or statements. We have all had a laugh together and more importantly they have been there for me every step of the way. From Chicago to Oklahoma City. So a huge thanks to ali and all his work in getting the RV to the right place at the right time as well as being a master chef.

More Icons

Helen and I were discussing how Route 66 isn’t really historical as it isn’t that old. It does feel old when you stumble across an old fuel station or a road that is marked due to its cultural significance. I still find it strange that I am more excited by a building or sign that is 80 years old rather than a 200 years old artifact in a museum. I think American history over the last 80-100 years with all their branding and the view of specific way of life really interests me and also how quickly this country has developed. It is after all a very young country and the vast spaces that are still here means it can grow so much more.

Friends of Friends

I received a Facebook message from Marcus Hammond, the most intelligent man I know..Yale, Stamford, NASA, thinking about being an Astronaut… you know the type! Anyway he told me he had a friend I should meet in OKC. Later I received an e-mail from Kirsty Lawson, Marcus’ friend saying that she had been informed of my trip and it would be great to meet. We arranged to go for dinner at a BBQ kitchen and then we headed down to Norman to search out a pool and Jacuzzi that was still open late at night. With the help of Kirty’s dance class friends, Jessica and Nadia there was one not too far away. Wow I love water. It is amazing to feel weightless. After a great chilled session in the pool followed by a Jacuzzi, we headed back to the RV, chatted with Kirsty for a little while before getting our heads down at around 1.30AM. A late one but we had all day to relax and get things ready for the new crew to arrive.

Jon Beeby
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  • Ruth Anne
    Posted at 22:07h, 17 June

    I’m glad you got to see my home state — our red dirt and big sky offer a special spacious beauty that I miss. Looking forward to your arrival in California and the convergence of the family!