Day 42 – On The Road Again

Day 42 – On The Road Again

A day off and not too much to report.

Indian Casinos

Last night we parked up in a truck stop next to the Wyandotte Nation Casino. I wanted to get an early night and sort out things for the walk. Ali and Helen ventured inside. Aparently it wasn’t amazing but a good experience. I only know that Helen got in at 3-something this morning as she stumbled into bed! It is definately good for the crew to get out of the RV and relax, Somedays you can really see the cabin fever setting in. Anyway, after a good rest I set off on my longer than normal ‘Day Off’ walk.

Gaining miles

A few days ago I was 14 miles behind schedule. This is due to a bad day last week where I stopped short 8 miles and also taking two full days off in the same week. Today I walked an extra 7 miles as well as clocking up some extra miles towards the end of last week. I am now currently 4 miles behind. As we are taking another day off for a crew change around on Thursday, I am keen to try and make up the miles prior to the day off. In a basic calculation I am 4 miles behind and will be another 5 when I take Thursday off. So over the next 4 days I am aiming to do 42 miles each day to try and get as close to my schedule as possible. As Helen and Ali both know I spend hours calculating different ways to make up the miles. I have way too much time to think.

Jack Kerouak

I started listening to Jack Kerouak’s On The Road. It is pretty good so far. He is incredibly descriptive in his writing and it was when he was talking about being frustrated with going north rather than west that I really started to relate to his journey. Anyway, I am going to finish listen to On The Road over the next couple of days. I just wanted to get into it and also see if listening to audiobooks slowed my pace down. It didn’t, but it did seem to make the miles seem longer. Weird!!

Jon Beeby
  • Thedudemoe
    Posted at 15:46h, 12 June

    What was the propane and water situation?  Make sure you will be well stocked with water for the desert trips after Santa Fe and into Arizona.  Depending on the temperature you may need someone or yourself at a garage to spray you with cold water and keep youn from drying out.  I’m sure that it will all be fine as you are doing at the moment – you are really into it and the routine yet not sounding too bored by the routine – very proud of you.  Remember if you think you nedd further assistance then I’ll come out  (or am I just looking for an excuse to ‘dodge’ your Mom’s nagging!!!)
    Loads of thoughts and love from us both. xx

  • Thedudemoe
    Posted at 15:46h, 12 June

    PS.  Has Nigel been in touch? x

  • Nictindall
    Posted at 16:31h, 12 June

    Jon, The audiobooks make your walking seem longer? How interesting! I would have never guessed that. I listen to audiobooks a lot, either at work or in my car. They always seem to make the day go faster for me.Btw I do not believe your trip is taking you through Texas; however, you have never seen so many Flags as you will in Texas. There are millions of them everywhere, and just as big, if not bigger than the one you shown in your last blog. The U.S. people do love showing our patriotism, myself included, as I have a flag flying off the back of my house. You should have seen it after 9-11, everyone and their mother had a flag flying, whether it was on their house or from their car.
    God’s speed to ya!
    Nic Tindall