Day 37 – I’m Walking

Day 37 – I’m Walking

I love using song titles for my blog. The lyrics in the songs usually describes my day better than the title. In fact today this isn’t the case but I love this old Rock n’ Roll song. I have to apologise I have been trying to load the photos for today for nearly 30 mins. it is taking ages. Must be in a bad place for signal. I will upload tomorrow at some point.

Pappa Beebs

So today was dad’s last full day with me. He leaves after leg one tomorrow and is heading back up to Lincoln and then following Route 66 back to Chicago. It has been amazing having him. Ali was saying it is funny how similar we are. I obviously never notice this but great that things like that are noticed. Dad walked about 4-5 miles with me first thing this morning. We discussed things that were to do with when I finish the walk. Great to be thinking of things like this as it really is food for thought. He also took some great photos of me, which is obviously very easy! but also of the surrounding scenery. I will upload them very soon and you can see the difference between that and my photography.

Walking Partners

Not only did Dad walk with me today but the rest of the support team got their gear on and came for a walk on different legs. After submerging themselves into the American culture of Big Mac’s and milkshakes they could do with a walk! I am sure they will love me for telling everyone that. Helen walked 9.5 miles with me and Ali walked part of the last leg, a really tough 8 miles!! It is great to talk to them about different things as it breaks the day up quite nicely. When I was walking with Helen the condition of the roads took a turn for the worse. Photos will be up tomorrow and you will see what I mean.


Dad took me out for the last supper. We both had steak at Applebee’s and we had a great server called Kelsey. She was lovely. We spoke about Old Route 66 and the surrounding area of Lebanon. She even gave me a free Oreo milkshake. Honestly the service in this country is so good. I wish we had an tiny amount of the quality that they have over here. So thank you Kelsey for making my last dinner with my Dad an enjoyable one. I hope you enjoy reading the post and you have a read of some of the other ones. Photos will be up tomorrow I promise.


Jon Beeby
  • Susan
    Posted at 20:53h, 07 June

    Hi Jon,
    Its really great to catch up with you each day – we are all very much in awe – that doesn’t me that you can allow your head to expand too much.
    Here all is progressing towards the BIG day. Having not rained for 6 weeks it is now raining every day – great to see the grass turning green again but Lisa is beginning to panic about possible storms on the 18th!! especially as she’s meant to be travelling to the church in a 33 year old open plastic jeep! Fingers crossed!

    Thinking of you – keep putting your right foot forward, we’re behind you all the way. Will organise a donation from Italy.

    Fondest love from all at Consani

  • Nictindall
    Posted at 03:26h, 08 June

    Did you enjoy the earthquake? I am not sure if you felt it, or even knew about it. They are not very common in this area. Keep up the journey, and I hope the heat is not messing with you too much.
    Nick T

  • Roger Matson
    Posted at 04:06h, 08 June

    Jon, I had a visitor today in Lincoln IL. guess who? Your dad came into my store(Action Rental and Sales) today and when he said his son told him to come and see me, I knew it was your dad from following your day to day blogs. I took him to several places and took some pics that he downloaded. He downloaded all the 38 pictures of your trip and his to our little town. We had a great visit and had a lot to talk about it was like I have known him forever.  I see where you get a lot of your traits, he was very interesting and he had only a little time to spend with me. He also got a Christmas Ordament of the 2nd Logan County Courthouse from Main Street Lincoln and several post cards. We talked about Jen walking with you, she sound like she is going to be pretty busy till you meet in November. I had your dad meet Wanda Lee Rohlfs she is the Director of Main Street Lincoln. She also said your dad is so proud of you as I am for at 25 you have taken on a responsibility as big as this once in a life time moment in history. I know you will be a positive roll model for any child and adult that needs someone to look up to. We talked about getting a group for a video and picture at our Court House this weekend. Main Street Lincoln is having our annual Honest Abe Backyard Barbeque on 6/11/11in the Historic Downtown in front of my store and Courthouse. I will let you know when I have this ready for you, dad said you can do just about anything to transfers to your webpage. Well I have kept you long enough I’ll keep on checking in on  your day to day blogs. God Bless and be safe.  Roger Matson  PS I gave a copy of the Lincoln Daily News article to dad.

  • Jen James
    Posted at 02:21h, 11 June

    Thats a nice photo. xxx