Day 33 – Following My Dear Old Dad!

Day 33 – Following My Dear Old Dad!

Ok so Pappa Beebs seems to be far fitter than I thought! He came walking today and was ahead of me nearly the whole time! So upset with myself!

1st Donation

Lester Blumberg was one of the people at the ballgame last night telling me everything about how the game is played. He was there with his daughter who is studying at St. Louis University and although a Red Sox fan, he was just there for the love of the sport. Lester very kindly donated to Tag Rugby Trust and is the first person I have met on the road who has donated. I wanted to thank him for all his knowledge and also for his very kind donation. It did remind me to talk about donations, we have had a lot of people following and not so many donations. I have to hit £100,000 or $160,000. It is a massive target and please try and promote this to your friends and family so we can raise as much as possible for this fantastic charity.

Out of St. Louis

I spent most of today on highway 100 which is also known as Manchester road. It goes on for ages. Was quite nice being able to walk on the sidewalk (pavement) for such a long time as it can be quite draining looking out for trucks and other things that could potentially be lethal. For the last 10 miles of today, Pappa Beebs joined me and we had some great chats. He survived!! I am now walking on the service road that follows Interstate 44. This is just a long road that follows the rolling hills and I believe it goes all the way to Tulsa. Tulsa is exactly half way through my trip! I will tell you when I am 24 hours away!!


I have had a lot of comments about how thin I am looking but I will just list what I am eating and you will understand how grueling this challenge is. Breakfast; a bowl 4 times the size of a normal cereal bowl of oats, bran flakes, nuts, bananas and honey. Lunch; 5 eggs, a can of baked beans, 4 slices of ham and some more nuts. Afternoon snack; ice cream, nuts, protein shake that has 500 calories in it plus weight gainer. Dinner around 300 grams of pasta, sauce and either bacon, chicken or mince. then some more nuts or another protein shake.

Best looking Police

I found out the final Policewoman’s name is Trista Cook, who actually isn’t

in the force yet. She is an intern but will be wearing the uniform soon. I wish her luck in all her tests and studies.


Today there were some great signs. Here are a selection of them. Enjoy!!

Jon Beeby
  • vickywilkins
    Posted at 13:36h, 03 June

    Loving the signs – I have to say if I was a pet I would want to stay in a pet hotel. I bet with the amount you have to eat you actually get bored of eating!! Maybe I should start walking more!!

  • tommyrosley
    Posted at 18:43h, 04 June

    Jon Jon! Just finished reading your blog, absolutely brilliant!! So proud of you, well done mate, well bloody done!!! Big Hug and lots of love, look forward to the next installment. xxx

  • Joanna Osborne
    Posted at 12:42h, 14 June

    Hi Jonny !!

    Staring to appreciate the level of your task after walking half a mile from school yesterday and getting home with blisters all over my foot.. I think it was a step too far for me !! Haha anyway keep at it your doing great !! Listen to those tracks we sent you !!

    Jo jo x