Day 28 – Thunder Struck

Day 28 – Thunder Struck

It is Mike’s penultimate day. He came on the 1st leg of the day and mentioned that i seemed to be walking normally for the first time since he had come out here. I take this as a great sign. I have stopped noticing when I limp and have to ask Helen, Mike or Ali what my walk looks like. Anyway we cracked on and the first 10 miles on Old Route 66 was quite relaxing.

More Rain

That is all!! Well except that as we were walking on the second leg, we seemed to walk into the eye of the storm. Then a huge flash of light in front of us and the biggest clap and rumble. A metal signpost, not too far away had just been hit by lightning and i was so shocked i couldn’t speak. Mike on the other hand could not stop laughing. I think my first words after this were quite explicit. Then I just kept asking Mike what was going on! Anyway we found the RV safely after getting soaked through once again. Seems I only experience these freak storms when Mike is walking with me!

Mile 1000

When we got to the RV, on the outskirts of Lincoln I was taking my last steps of my first 1000 miles. It is such a huge milestone. It felt great to get there and it is one of the few moments that I have visualised a few times in my head and now I have completed it, it is a great feeling. So great in-fact we managed to leave all the phones and internet stuff in the van whilst we headed off to complete the 10 miles. After mile 10.5 we were lost, we had no way of getting in touch with the Support team and we seemed to be in a ghost town…Oh how wrong we were!!

Roger Matson

Roger Matson is the President of Main Street. He stands at about 6 foot and has a cracking moustache. He literally made Mike and I forget it was raining. He is by far the most interested and interesting person I have met on this trip. 1st he took down my name and wrote down everything about the walk. Then He showed us the sights of Lincoln, and told us how Abraham Lincoln officially christened the town, No other town in the US is officially named by President Lincoln. Then we said our goodbyes and were waiting for the RV again, and Roger told us we should try the Schnitzel. So we headed to Hallie’s On The Square as we couldn’t find the RV and Roger very kindly got us Lunch. He is a legend and if you ever go to Lincoln you should look him up at his shop, Action Rental & Sales on 101 S Kickapoo St. Roger if you are reading this thank you so much for your hospitality, and all the kind mementos of Lincoln.


After we finally found the RV and had left Lincoln, I pressed on at a pace of 15 min miles. This was quite gruelling. When the RV caught up with me I was just completing the 32nd mile of the day. I told them to go ahead so I could finish, and then a track from The Rock (Greatest Film Ever!!) soundtrack came on. I don’t know what happened but everything worked. I just seemed to be motoring. My feet didn’t hurt, I had no stiffness in my legs. When I got to the RV I told them to go further ahead. I managed to smash out 2 sub 13 minute miles! It was the most incredible feeling! I really didn’t want to stop but I had a feeling it wouldn’t last long so at the end of mile 33 I stopped for a quick break. I was right, I never got my stride back. Oh well it was an amazing feeling. I was actually laughing when I got on the RV.

All in an amazing day. Roger took a lot of photos of Mike and I around Lincoln. When he gets them online I will post them here for you all to see. Lincoln, an awesome place to visit. Thanks to all the people who wished me well and showed an interest in my journey.

Jon Beeby
  • Cheenah mitsdarffer
    Posted at 22:49h, 29 May

    Hey! I’m Cheenah… The girl from Braidwood il McDonalds! Keep up the great work! Enjoy your time on route 66 and the flat land while you can!!

  • Roger Matson
    Posted at 03:46h, 30 May

    Jon, Thank you for yesterday it was awnsome to meet you and Mike. It was my pleasure to make your short visit to our same town something for you to remember.  Lincoln is a not only a Historical place, it has many charmes I wish you could have stayed longer. Maybe you can revisit Lincoln at sometime I will be your personal guide.  I can see how you and Mike get along so well you are very careing  jents, you have the same goal that you are going after. Please keep intoutch with me on your journey, May you be safe and  GODS SPEED.  Your friend, Roger Matson