Day 25 – Everybody Needs Somebody to Love

Day 25 – Everybody Needs Somebody to Love

Well a varied day of weather! Thunder storm, humid, hot and thunder storm! Let me explain a little more

Me, Myself & Mike

So Sir Michael & I headed off towards a dark ominous cloud. I had a good feeling about the day and just went off in a t-shirt. Bad idea. I have never been in rain like this. It was mental. At one point I just said to Sir Michael, who is called Sir Michael purely because it makes his name sound better, “well it makes no odds how much more it rains, I can’t get any wetter” We powered on through our walk, passing the famous Cog Hill golf course, sorry there are no photos but it was just too wet! We got to the RV and I got changed in the shower, literally water dripping off me, dried off, ate and then headed back into the rain, this time kitted up properly.


Leg 2 & 3 were completely different. The sun came out about 2 miles into leg 2 and it became ridiculously humid due to the amount of water that was around. When Helen came for a stroll on leg 3, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and both of us had to carry our jackets for the full 10 miles. Helen didn’t get a stitch this time, but now won’t stop complaining about her blisters and very mild sun burn. As we arrived at the RV Ali was sunbathing on the roof and mike was inside wearing a beanie. The most obscure combination. Whilst we were walking they had met a guy call Jeff who worked as a forest fire fighter. A great guy who I wish I had met. He was incredibly nice and allowed us to fill up with water whilst they were chatting to him. We walked passed Elwood, which reminded me of the Blues Brothers, more impressively, I sent an e-mail to a good friend Eddie Irving, of the road sign ‘Elwood St’ then two minutes later I walked past E Irving Street. A mad coincidence!

More Rain

On leg 4 I reached Wilmington, Il. This is exactly how I imagined a town to look like on Route 66. as I arrived there were loads of Route 66 signs, and the famous Gemini Giant. A huge statue of a ‘Muffler Man’ that used to be all over the country. Now he is one of the only ones remaining. A sure sign I was now really on Route 66. Anyway As i headed off from Wilmington, feeling very American I saw the thunder storm and in the last mile of the day I got as wet as leg 1 and once again I was in a T-shirt!


Helen and Ali cooked Chilli Con Carne, which was delicious and then the pain set in. Sir Michael and his roller of pain got involved in my calves and IT bands. I have never been in so much pain, but it was needed. Then Helen came over and massaged my feet, poor Helen, but I had washed them first. It is was much needed and hopefully in the morning they will feel the best they have since I started. McDonalds are currently advertising a frozen strawberry lemonade, we are currently parked about 20 yards away from one and I am thinking of going out in the rain to get one. I will let you know what they taste like. So, they were shut, but the guys there told us where we should park for the night. Thanks guys and thanks for the free cookies!!


Jon Beeby
  • Vickywilkins
    Posted at 09:46h, 26 May

    Beebs you really should be used to the rain living in England. I want a frozen strawberry lemonade bonds sexy xx

  • Martin (TRT)
    Posted at 20:45h, 26 May

    Good news – copied you on mail to Vanessa 🙂
    Martin (TRT)

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 22:23h, 26 May

    Just keep swimming … just keep swimming … (Nemo)
    Good luck Beebs – So proud of you xxx

  • firemonkey
    Posted at 01:53h, 28 May

    Incredibly nice firefighters can make your day with a smile. 

  • Carol Johnson-Monson
    Posted at 03:57h, 06 June

    That’s my son Gary J. in the picture with you. True, the McDonald’s cookies are great! Thanks for doing the charity work Jon you are an inspiration to me.