Day 24 – You’ll Never Walk Alone

Day 24 – You’ll Never Walk Alone

After a good nights sleep with four of us in the RV I was up and ready to walk at 6.10AM This is the fastest I have got up and ready, so maybe more people help!

Walking Partner

Mike said he would walk with me on the first leg so we set off and with his fresh legs we had a pretty fast pace set for the first 10 miles. This is good as I usually take a while to get going. We walked through the most industrial place I have ever been, which included great sights like the BP refining centre. It was so good having someone to walk with miles just seem to disappear, we flew through 8 miles and then saw the RV and stopped for breakfast. After a hearty breakfast Mike decided to stick with it for another 14 miles, which would take us to the start of Route 66. We charged up South Chicago and then through the park that was at the side of Lake Michigan. The RV was parked a little short of the start of route 66, but after a strong headwind both Mike and I were ready for some lunch. Mike, apparently due to jetlag, had to sleep, personally I think he couldn’t handle the pace, even though he was about 4 paces ahead of me for the last couple of miles!

Route 66

As i headed up to the start of Route 66 I couldn’t see any signs pointing it out. I was filming myself and saying that I bet I have missed it by a street and that it would be slightly ridiculous. Turms out I was on the wrong street, just by a block but still, some road workers pointed me in the right direction and there it was a sign that said Historic Route 66 ‘Begin’. I had my photo taken then i went on a stroll heading for LA. There are Route 66 signs everywhere now, just to let you know where you are. Booze shops, garages, diners, plus all the road signs! I met these other guys, I am sorry I have forgotten their names, kinda lost in the moment, who were amazed at what I had done and gave me some very useful directions saying, ‘keep walking down this road till the trains stop’ Such great characters!


The youngest member of the team came walking with me on the last leg. Was good to just walk and talk and catch up. Helen played for the ladies rugby team I coached along with Mike and Phil Davis and James Cleverly. BUT…… by the end of the 8 miles i did with her on the last leg she had a stitch..useless. My feet were burning but even with her stitch she kept a good pace up and again someone to push you on is very useful!


Route 66 Signs



Jon Beeby
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