Day 20 – Dog Days Are Over

Day 20 – Dog Days Are Over

The Mist

This morning was a little bit like being in Macbeth. The fog was so low, walking through the farmlands of Indiana honestly felt like one of those Shakespearean movies I watched at school. This fog lasted till about lunch time and then then sun broke through and I managed to get pretty badly sunburned on my neck, I have such an awesome natural complexion! In Amongst the mist I did come across Chuck who drove next to me a little way and told me about a way to impress the local ladies by picking some local flowers and selling them for 25 cents a bunch. I would have to sell a lot to hit my fundraising target.

The Dogs

People seemed to like my tweet about the dog, for those who don’t use twitter then here is a photo of the vicious dog that came running out barking at me! Actually made me laugh as she was barking and as soon as I put my arm out she sat down and cocked her head! The best bit is she was called ‘Ma Lady’. Later on I got followed for a mile by a black Lab that we ended up having to take back home as I didn’t want to see him get run over, so I bundled the dog in the RV and we drove him back to his farm.

More Amish

The Amish of Indiana are great, such a friendly bunch, ok so they don’t like having their photo taken but they are all waving from their gardens and horse and carts. Quite an amazing place to walk through. A little like stepping back in time; kids playing in the garden and not inside on their computers. People being transported by horse and cart and I even saw a field being turned by a man on a plough being dragged by a team of six or seven horses. Quite remarkable.


Some of these roads are tough, I try not to talk about it, as I worry about becoming like the roads (going on and on!) and you will just have to read an endless stream of whinging! Anyway I guess the toughest thing is that when you look into the distance you constantly are saying in your head, ‘ I think that tree is about a mile away, I think that house is about 0.5 of a mile away. The fact is you are always wrong and they are always closer than you imagine, so I guess I mus just put my head down and keep on going! It can be really tough, like the last 5 miles of today, but then this was never about going for a stroll. I think the label of ‘The Lazy Forest Gump’ is being quickly removed out of my mind!


Jon Beeby
  • Alicebeeby
    Posted at 09:03h, 21 May

    Oh I love the dog story!!! How adorable! xxxxxx 

  • Yvonnerawlingsjackson
    Posted at 09:54h, 21 May

    photos are really interesting too love auntie weewon x