Day 02 – New Jersey & Another Delay

Day 02 – New Jersey & Another Delay

RV – All Sorted

We headed down to Linden to get a few issues sorted on the RV as well as getting Nigel on the insurance. This meant that I had to sacrifice a few miles off my daily mileage to get us all sorted out. I managed to get to the start line of Day 2 by about 11am and set off into New Jersey. About a mile in I tried to get hold of my mum as I felt I hadn’t really got to thank her and Maurice for all they had done and whilst the phone rang I got quite emotional. I think this was more a feeling of being overwhelmed rather than just being upset. Later when my mum phoned me back I couldn’t even speak, just had a huge lump in my throat. I guess I was just exhausted and really wanted to not get behind on my second day !


First impressions

About 5 miles in, I was asked how my day was going by a group of kids on a street bench, when I mentioned I had walked all the way from Long beach they were astounded and then when I said I was going to LA, one of them said ‘you’re walking to LA?’ and before I could respond her friends just said ‘of course he is, have you seen the size of his calves!’ This made me laugh as I missioned off up a hill!


Breaking Stereotypes

My only knowledge of New Jersey is the reputation it has from the New Yorkers and therefore I thought I wouldn’t like it too much, but when I started walking further into the State it become more and more picturesque. The name ‘The Garden State’ really becomes apparent when you get about 10 miles in.



Although being advised by more than one of my support team and family members to take it easy on day two due to my lack of sleep and also the trials of the first day I didn’t want to get too far behind so I went against my 1st rule and walked after dark. This is pretty dangerous but I managed to clock up 32 miles and get to the finish line, which was a 7/11, a convenience store, in Cedar Knolls. After a good feed I got some much needed rest and got ready for the next day!

Jon Beeby
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