Day 19 – Trails, Roads & Dust Tracks

Day 19 – Trails, Roads & Dust Tracks

So I slept through my alarm for the first time on the trip today!! LAZY! I ended up starting over 40 minutes late which, as I have said before, can have  a knock on effect to the rest of the day.

Back on the Trail

I set off on the trail and was a little bit annoyed as it was completely clear from there to the end, a shame as I could have done it the night before but not to worry. I headed off on the last part and aimed for route 20. Withing about 4 miles I was there and back on the road! Within about 2 more miles I was off the 20 and heading down a County Road which is similar to a country lane in the UK. It looked like I would be on this for the foreseeable future!

Rain on & Rain off

It is getting boring coming into the RV when it is stacked with trainers and clothes trying to dry! It is a bit like a laundry, but a really small one, that is very steamy. You can see in the photo how much rain Ohio has had in the last couple of weeks. I have said it before, I will wish for days like today when I get to the desert, but honestly when you have to keep putting on wet clothes to go walking again it gets quite depressing. I was talking to Jen, my girlfriend, about how I am not envious of her expedition on the Clipper Sailing Race as she will be wet through for 4 weeks at a time!

Crossing the Boarder

Leg 3 saw me within about 1 mile of the state border. I could smell Indiana. After a short break and yet another change of clothes I walked my last mile or so of Ohio. As we got to the state line, amazingly the sun came out. I haven’t seen it for so long, the warm feeling on my face was very welcome! The only other thing I noticed was that the roads went from Tarmac to dusty roads at the state line, this was due, I believe, to us being, once again in an Amish Settlement.

Finally, I met Doug on the last mile of my walk, he stopped to ask if I needed anything. I like Indiana already. Anyway I just wanted to mention him, even though he doesn’t have the internet or a computer! Always good to talk about the people who want to help us out. Off for an early night so I don’t sleep in again!

Jon Beeby
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  • vickywilkins
    Posted at 11:29h, 20 May

    Beebs, It might make you feel better to know its been raining in Bristol for a few days!! I dont like getting my hair wet, and Joe is not very good at holding the umbellra he gets distracted. Keep going Love Lots xxType your comment here.