Day 18 – Tales From The Trail

Day 18 – Tales From The Trail

Misty Morning

I spent this morning walking in very thick fog. It was quite strange but after a shorter day yesterday I really thought I would push myself. Whilst on my first leg it was amazing to see this building, it was so wide it disappeared into the fog. Only when I got closer did I see the size of it. It belonged to a huge logistics company and was probably the biggest building I have ever seen. Nigel had gone for a catch up sleep once he had driven to the first meeting point and I managed to do leg one in such good time that he was still asleep when I arrived, I think I gave him a bit of a shock!

Off Road

The second leg took me onto a trail called the Wabash-Cannonball trail. This was such a nice change from the busy highways. Just a long straight path with nothing but runners and cyclists on it. As you can see from the photo it was literally the straightest path imaginable. When I caught a glimpse of the RV I was at least 2 miles from it. Quite amazing actually how much it stood out.

Off-Off Road

At the stopping point between Leg 3 & 4 We were greeted by Tom, from the Rails-to-Trails Association, who gave me a full history of the trail plus told us that it actually goes a substantial way across the country. It was great to meet Tom and he wished me well on my travels. When we meet these characters it is amazing to hear their stories and how each area of each state has a slightly different way of living. After Tom left I headed off down the trail again trying to get as many miles in as I possibly could. The trail had it’s own challenges though, including really rough surfaces and about 20 metres of the trail was underwater, there was no way around it so I just waded through it. This resulted in cutting my target of 46 miles for the day down to 42. With my feet wet and starting to rub in my trainers I didn’t want to push on and ruin the chance of a second good day on the trot. I called Nigel and got him to pick me up and we have just finished a big Walmart shop and, at Nigel’s request for a night off from cooking, a classic Burger King! Delicious!! Now off for a shower and to bed!



Jon Beeby
  • vickywilkins
    Posted at 08:20h, 19 May

    Beebs I love you!! Thats for the photo it really did bring a smile to my face. Cant believe you just waded through water there might have been snakes!!

  • Yvonnerawlingsjackson
    Posted at 18:05h, 19 May

    Very proud of my wee nephew. tall anutie weewon x