Day 17 – Weather-Beaten

Day 17 – Weather-Beaten

After a pretty emotional end to the day yesterday I had had a good sleep and was ready to face the next 40 miles. I left the RV in my dry clothes and everything seemed to be going well!

A Sign

About 0.5 miles from the RV I saw a burst fire hydrant and water pouring down the street. As I was so dry and the weather seemed to be holding out I smugly took photos of the man tying to fix it. I headed on down highway 20, dry as a bone.

Water & Technology

So, it seems that if you get water into Verizon’s WiFi box it doesn’t like it. So we had to go and take a trip to the Verizon store to get it all sorted out. As they don’t carry spare batteries (why??) we have to have one delivered to a hotel en route that we can call and collect it from … they can’t deliver to an RV!! It is a pain but I guess we have to be more careful. This had an adverse effect on the rest of the day. We took the trip to Verizon at mile 15 and then I wanted to press on. I had lunch at mile 20 which meant another 30 minute delay. When I headed off on Leg 3 it had started to rain again!

Leg 3

Brutal, is the only word that describes this leg. The cross wind was insane, so much so I was walking at a 45 degree angle. Then every truck that went by completely drenched me. After yesterday I knew I could get through it so just pressed on, I only started getting worried when a truck threw up a stone that hit me on the left shoulder and I had this image in my head of getting hit in the face. That would end the walk! By the end of leg three I was shattered. Nigel expressed that it would be dangerous to walk this road after dark so I decided to only do another 5 miles and reassess. After 4.5 miles I saw the RV and Nigel had scoped out the road ahead and said that there wasn’t another stopping point for a good couple of miles. So I packed it in for the day, soaking wet and shattered. I have looked at the weather forecast and it is due to be raining on my route till I get to Chicago, I am running out of dry clothes!

End Note

Midway through writing this blog, I asked Nigel to drain one of the blisters on the heal of my right foot. There are photos but I do not feel it is appropriate for public viewing as some people may be reading this whilst enjoying their breakfast. Please feel free to e-mail me and I can send you pictures of Barry the blister!

Jon Beeby
  • Shaun Stander
    Posted at 03:51h, 19 May

    Keep up the good work, I Back Beeby !

    A song to keep you motivated..

  • George Krempels
    Posted at 13:19h, 19 May

     Go on then, send me the pics….!