Day 15 – Railroads and Puddles

Day 15 – Railroads and Puddles


The start of week 3 was an interesting 0ne. When I woke up, the fog in the car park was ridiculous, so much so that it was pointless taking a photo. Anyway I headed 0ff to the start line and started walking down the 303 and within the first mile there was a detour due to a flooded road. After a quick look at Google maps I realised this wasn’t too bad. Then another half mile down the road there was another one, this detour was due to take me down an Interstate, which I am not allowed to walk down by law and also it would be stupidly dangerous. So as I looked at the map I saw there was a railroad that would take me north then it would come back down to the same road. So I thought I would risk it. All in it wasn’t too bad and shortly made it back onto the road.


Richfield, Ohio, is a strange place, at one end are worn down old houses and shops and at the other it is incredibly decadent. It is bizzare when you walk through an area and can see the place getting richer and richer. Leaving Richfield there were a couple of horrible hills but still generally Ohio is quite a flat place, which has it’s own trials. The roads seem to go on forever and with the grey sky of today everything seemed to be passing me by a lot slower than usual

Longest Leg

The last leg today was one of the toughest mental challenges I have encountered. I was aiming for 43 miles today, but with the rain, wind, grey skys and endless roads by the time I got to 35 I was just about done for. Every 0.1 of a mile seemed to last a lifetime, no music could make it go faster, not even singing could help the pace and no matter which way I looked at it the miles just seemed to draw out longer and longer. I finally made 40 miles and packed it in.  A shame as I felt good all day but 43 wasn’t to be!


Jon Beeby
  • Jordan
    Posted at 09:50h, 16 May

    Keep it up buddy, you’re doing great x

  • vickywilkins
    Posted at 11:54h, 16 May

    Think of me singing Beebs – Joe says you will walk fast to try get away from it!!  Keep up the good work. P.s Are you impressed I am using Twitter!! It took me three hours to try and figure out how to write on here! xx