Day 13 – More Rain!

Day 13 – More Rain!


I have never in my life seen this much rain before. I had to run and take shelter in a ‘Dairy Queen’ basically an old traditional American ice cream store where I met Smithy who told me all about the recession in Warren and how since the steel industries had moved nearly all the money had gone. Yet still he battled on. He was kind enough to give me a free Oreo ice cream shake which was delicious and as soon as the weather cleared up I carried on with the walk. I got a call from Erin who works at Shop PR, and they are my main contacts at Remington. It was great to hear that they were all following me and we discussed the delivery of 1000 King of Shaves Azors that I am due to be handing out on my Journey.

Walking In Ohio

The terrain changed fairly rapidly and everything Smithy said about the lack of money in the state became more apparent. The roads seemed to disintegrate and the upkeep of things was lower than in Pennsylvania. This is a shame as the state is just as beautiful as PA, but just with more boarded up buildings!


Walking In The Dark

Once again I walked after dark which was more than dangerous, I nearly got hit by a car and Nigel’s wise words when I got into the RV were ‘Your pig-headedness and determination are going to get you killed one day’ You do hear this all the time on big documentaries about people doing extreme things and I know I have always watched them and thought, this guy is a complete muppet. I guess when you get into a rhythm and set yourself a goal it is very difficult to be persuaded to stop by people around you. For this I apologise to Nigel as he would have to be the one making a phone call with bad news if anything happened to me. Once again I would like to thank him for everything he has done for me so far and also Maggie, his wife, and his two daughters Alex & Georgina, for letting him come and work for these few weeks, honestly it isn’t a holiday, without him this would never have happened.



Jon Beeby
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  • The Ushers
    Posted at 20:54h, 15 May

     Dont worry about us Jon, we are all fine and I think Nigel is finally appreciating cooked meals and clean laundry ha ha. You are doing great and we are all following your progress. keep up the good work and look forward to meeting you. love Maggie