Day 10 – Enough Of The Hills Already!!

Day 10 – Enough Of The Hills Already!!


My alarm went of at 5.30am and I know I am starting to get lazy as I re-set my alarm for 5.35. This is dangerous as all I will start doing is snoozing my alarm! 5 minutes here and there can make all the difference by the end of the day. So I made sure Nigel was a lot more militant with my rest breaks through the day.


I left the RV without a WiFi box and therefore had to go back to absolute basics when it came to navigation. Asking people for directions and trying to work out where I am headed as well as sticking to my route! I also thought I had put the meeting point in the Sat Nav but it seems that if it turns off it forgets the last destination. So Nigel was just trying to find me and with no WiFi this seemed to be more difficult than usual.


Whoever built this place should be shot and I bet they never walked anywhere. This place had two massive hills going into it and another two leaving it. By the time I arrived at the RV I was in a lot of pain. I felt like my hips were going to fall off!! Also I was very angry. I do kind of feel sorry for Nigel in these situations, I come steaming into the van, shouting and swearing and he has to try and ask what I want for dinner. I always try and keep my cool as both he and I know I am not angry at him in the slightest but sometimes I just want to be left alone to vent!

Jon Beeby
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