1 Month To Go

1 Month To Go

Well it is starting to get exciting. I have now finished my full time job and all efforts are going into preparations for the walk. I have been working tireless to try and get this event off the ground and now I have more time to work on it.

Today I will be walking across London with some close friends to promote the walk and try and get get a larger audience. So if you see a band of people walking past you wearing the logo then please stop and talk to us.

My thanks have to go to all the people, of which there are too many to list here, who have helped me. It has been the hardest project I have worked on and we still haven’t reached the start line, let alone the finish. Please let people know about this walk and together we can really change some lives with the £100,000 we are aiming to raise for Tag Rugby Trust.

Jon Beeby
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