The Man

Learn more about Jon Beeby - The man who walked across America in 2011.

The Charity

Find out who Jon is walking all this way for.

What Now?

Find out what Jon has been up to since the walk.

Since getting back to the UK late in 2011 Jon has been busy.

When he first got back his aim was to take some time off but this wasn’t an option. Instead he fast tracked his new business idea and got it off the ground. The company is called Pink Imp Ltd. and is a media production company. He runs the company along side Raf a close friend and colleague.

Jon has helped numerous people in the planning of their expeditions mainly William Loxton and Christian Layton-Hannam who broke the record for cycling North-South & West -East of the states. And more recently the boys from who are currently in 2013, walking a similar route.

Jon also works on a podcast called The Fancy Sauce Show, with freind Jordan Poulton and Oli Coles. You can check out the show on

If you would like to get in touch with Jon then please use the Contact Form on the site and he will get back to you asap.