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What Now?

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What is Tag Rugby Trust?
Tag Rugby Trust is a rugby based charity that was formed in 2002. It exists to help improve the lives of children in the UK but mainly in some of the poorest regions of the world. Tag Rugby Trust currently works with orphanages and government schools in India, Uganda, Kenya, Mexico and Romania using the game of Tag Rugby as their vehicle. Usually their tours are funded by volunteers who pay to join the adventure and who work closely with the children in a coaching capacity. Almost without exception the volunteers say that say that the tour is a life changing experience for them. It is obvious that Tag Rugby Trust make a difference to the lives of the children they coach, but also the volunteers and friends of the Trust. They are passionate rugby people and know the power that both rugby and sport have in breaking down barriers and allowing lifelong friendships to be formed.

How will Tag Rugby Trust benefit?
A tour set up by Tag Rugby Trust costs about £2,000 per person. We are looking to set up a tour with some reformed Young offenders to give them a chance to go and see a part of the world they may never get to see. Money raised by A Step Too far? walk will provide an all inclusive tour for the British and America teenagers to a destination chosen by Tag Rugby Trust and will, we hope have a direct impact on the lives of the touring party as well as the children they are coaching. We will be taking a tour from the UK and US with mentors to ensure they have a life changing experience. All of the mentors have previously worked with teenagers with a troubled backgrounds as well as bee a fully qualified rugby coach.

What is the connection with Tag Rugby Trust?
In 2010 I started coaching young kids at Beckenham Rugby Club. I have since moved up to Coaching the Ladies team. When I went on my Level 1 course, my instructor was Trevor Martingell, one of the founders of Tag Rugby Trust. I was running the charity rugby match Old Boys Match and one conversation lead to another and I have been a supporter of theirs since then. Phil Davies, Head Coach for the Ladies at Beckenham and also the RFU Community coach for Beckenham and Bromley, enlightened me about young offenders that he was introducing to rugby. With a background that has kept me away from the tougher paths of life I felt this would be an amazing opportunity to try and create something that that helps underprivileged teenagers as well as helping children in third world countries. It is something totally new for me and something that Tag Rugby Trust are very keen to try and get off the ground. We are currently in talks as to how we can make this tour work and make sure it will be beneficial to everyone involved.