Day 09 – Hills!!

Day 09 – Hills!!

A long day, very hot and by the end of the day I was radiating heat!

The Longest Hill

As I set off on my second leg, I started walking up a hill that went on for about 4 miles. this was ridiculous! Also facing oncoming traffic it was pretty tiring. When I got to the top I realised I was at 2100 ft. When I saw this sign I felt good because it was the top of the hill but bad as I knew I had to go down hill again! This is so much more painful on the knees!

Old Erie Pike

Just an amazing name for a road that went on for miles! Such amazing scenery and some pretty cool views. Starting to feel like I am getting out of the wood and the hills. Hopefully this will be the hardest part on the way to Chicago as it is all pretty relentless.


On the last leg of the day I didn’t think to check our WiFi signals before we set off, when we came to a junction I had no idea where we were going so we had to drive to find some form of internet signal so we could map the rest of the route! A pain but something that was essential as I didn’t want to be walking in the wrong direction!


The RV ran out of water and we had to go and try and find somewhere to fill up. We saw there was a RV camp nearby so we went there. This place was wierd, there was one caravan (trailer) there and some empty swings. It honestly looked like something out of a horror movie. Anyway we turned all our lights off, ‘borrowed’ some water and headed back for the hills to the sound of ‘duelling banjos’!!

Jon Beeby
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