Day 86 – Hot Fudge

Day 86 – Hot Fudge

A song about moving to LA! I have always been a fan of Robbie Williams, just a great entertainer and I think this song has helped me keep my energy up just thinking about the sunshine in LA.


I walked through Beaumont today. A really nice little town. I am only bringing it up as Mark Beaumont, who is about to row to magnetic north, but who also cycled round the world smashing the world record, was one of my major inspirations for doing this trip. I went to University with Mark and he is a man who has time for everyone and through my preparation for this trip has been amazing at responding to emails and phone calls about any issues I have had and also giving me support in a belief in my journey. Have a look at this short video he sent me a while back.


Helen came walking with me on the third leg today and as we left the RV we saw some zebras and also walked through a huge orange farm. We took some oranges and ate as we walked. I felt like a naughty kid from a famous five book. They were delicious. It is the first time in my life I have pulled and orange from a tree and eaten it. You don’t get fresher than that. Some amazing views and as we turned a corner i saw the valley ahead of us that contained LA. I knew that this was now the final stretch.

Naming the shoes

At the end of the third leg I look some time to name all of my pairs of shoes. As opposed to naming them after people, as I know I would get a barrage of messages of who should be number one…My dad pointed out I have 12 pairs of shoes and I have walked through 12 states. So each pair was named after a state. I am also wearing a pair 13 on my last day. Pair 13 are my original training shoes and written on them is my motto from the trip ‘I Believe’ We shot a long video of me doing this for the documentary so if you want to know more about the reasoning behind this… you will just have to wait for the movie to come out!

Jon Beeby
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