Day 85 – California Soul

Day 85 – California Soul

After my sister sang this song to me over the phone I have to call this blog California Soul! A great song that really encapsulates what I am feeling right now.

Joshua Tree

Ifinally saw a Joshua tree for the first time today. As we went through Joshua Tree there were thousands of them. They are such prehistoric plants. Chris walked with me for the first leg and it was nice really seeing the change from the desert into civilization. Joshua Tree and Yucca are almost holiday towns. They have that vibe of a seaside town.

The Valley

As we started to lose altitude Chris and I walked down this valley. It was an amazing road to walk down…and boy am I glad we were going down. This hill went on and on for about 5 miles. When we came out the end of it at the end of the second leg we were greeted with a huge wind farm and signs that said strong winds possible. Again I am glad today the winds were not strong. I spoke to my sister, when she sang me the song, and just had a relaxing walk. Shaun Joined me and we ended up walking right through the middle of the huge wind farm.

Dust Roads

Hopefully this is the last one. I am bored of dust, dirt and the feeling of the earth moving under your feet. I am looking forward to the big walk across the cities that lead up to LA. I think that will last about the last 2 days. This dust road finished about about 6 miles then we were on a decommissioned road called Johnson Lane which runs alongside the I-10. Just through the volume of traffic I know we are getting closer to LA and my final stop. At the end of the day I only had 104 miles left to walk. Seems such a small amount but yet such a long way away. Check out the massive Dinosaurs!!

Jon Beeby
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  • Alicebeeby
    Posted at 09:12h, 26 July

    CALIFORNIA SOULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL you loved my singing chap! WAHHH so nearly finished nojnoj – keep up the great work!!! xxxxx