Day 84 – There’s A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Day 84 – There’s A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

So this song is from Starlight Express. Whenever I think of this it reminds me of my School and University accomplice, Andy Mackay, who when he went to see the show as a child got his arm stuck in the hydraulic protection screens. Always makes me laugh.

Day Off

Well we seemed to have landed on our feet again. Susanne cooked us up a storm last night and breakfast this morning. Melodye took the guys to the farmers market and I just relaxed and swam and watched some stuff on YouTube. A nothing day really, but great before I take on the last 150 miles. Three and a half days to go! I can’t wait!

4 Miles

To get back on schedule I walked 4 miles this evening. Shaun came with me. It was really relaxing and we just spoke about ideas for films, some of our favorites and also potentials for new movies. Just a relaxing conversation to end the day. They have all gone off to watch Captain America, but I need to get my head down. Big last couple of days ahead. Don’t want to get complacent!

Jon Beeby
  • susan
    Posted at 15:39h, 24 July

    Best thoughts to  you all during the rest of your journey!  It was a pleasure to spend time with you in 29 Palms.  

  • Alicebeeby
    Posted at 20:31h, 24 July

    JONNY YOU ARE PRACTICALLY THERE WAHHHHHHHH I contain explain to you how excited I am to see you in less than a month!!!! This has been too long, I hope you got my photo through. Love you heaps nojnoj xxxxxxx

  • Alicebeeby
    Posted at 20:31h, 24 July

    hahaha I meant to write ‘I cannot contain” x

  • Susanbeeby
    Posted at 21:43h, 24 July

    Hi Jonny – gee are we glad you made it safely through  the desert – we’ve all had our fingers crossed and got really worried when didn’t find anything to read on your blog!
    WELL DONE and a big thanks to your team for keeping you on the road!
    Alls well here – Emilio has just given Lisa a yellow labrador – 4 months – probably called Napoleone! Lisa over the moon.

    Take care over the last days – am sure you will feel really strange knowing that it is all nearly over – must be difficult to keep up the energy. Don’t break down when you meet your Mom!! Wish we could all have been there to hug you.

    A million thoughts fly your way………. Love Susie

  • Hannah Mjs
    Posted at 08:58h, 27 July

    Go beebs go! X x

  • A_mack
    Posted at 12:20h, 27 July

    It was a very tarumatic few seconds!

    Hope all’s going well and your feet dont fall off….