Day 08 – The Amish & College

Day 08 – The Amish & College

An early rise to get us back on the road. We had slept in the shadows of this huge chimney, which Nigel thought was going to fall on us in the night!  So after some obviously very strange dreams I headed off into Bald Eagle State Park.

The Amish

After coming out of the State Park, we hit this area of farm land that was almost too prefect. Nigel and I had both been chatting about where the Amish lived in Pennsylvania and it turned out we were right in the middle of a settlement. They are amazing people, not that I got to talk to any of them, but anyone who can set themselves a set of rules and stick to them whilst surrounded but far more advanced technology is pretty amazing.


As I was coming out of this farmland there was an extreme sports centre that had a huge signpost with the miles to numerous places in the world on it. The thing that really shocked me was actually how far I had come. Have a look at the picture to see what I mean!

Penn State Uni

As the day come to a close we entered Penn State University. I followed the scenic cycle path into town and finally was in the middle of ‘studentville’. This is where I saw my first set of rugby posts in the US on this trip. It is amazing how the sport is starting to develop in the country and soon I am sure the Eagles, the national team, will be a force that people don’t know how to handle. The US has some amazing sportsmen and women and soon they will be teaching other countries how to play their own sport!

Jon Beeby
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