Day 79 – Technologic

Day 79 – Technologic

Wow the temperature has risen… A lot!

Sleep Walking

This has happened once or twice before but not to this extent. I was walking along after lunch today and my eyes were shutting, a little like when you are very tired and driving a car. The unstoppable sleep. Anyway I kept going doing everything in my power to stay awake. Drinking water, listening to music, talking to myself…Pretty much anything. Anyway I fell asleep only for a nano-second but still enough to worry me. I have now put this down to the heat. I have started wetting my hat and head to try and cool myself down but as you are just about to read this also has it’s issues.

iPhone – Life Aquatic

So on the same walk when I was falling asleep I saw a small irrigation stream. As I bent down to wet my cap my iPhone jumped out of it’s holster in my bag and decided it needed a little swim. It was fully submerged for a couple of seconds. I got it out quickly and due to the heat it dried pretty quickly. First it worked fine, then the touch screen wouldn’t work, then the home button wouldn’t work, then it was working fine again. Now it is all a bit weird, some buttons temporarily don’t work. Anyway it is fine and i can still tweet and still Skype. I am glad this happened now rather than at the start of the trip.

Jack Johnson

Shaun and I walked the last leg together. I was pretty relaxed aside form when we say the RV surround by cop cars. After we walked a mile we found out they had stopped to see if a motorcyclist needed help as he had suffered from heat exhaustion and after pulling over he dropped his bike on himself. Anyway all was fine and we pressed on. After walking through Hope, AZ, we headed off on a new road towards Parker. We listened to Jack Johnson on the loud speaker Shaun has and just relaxed for our final 5 miles. The sunset was pretty amazing. Once again a good end to a long day!


Jon Beeby
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