Day 73 – The Hills Are Alive

Day 73 – The Hills Are Alive

Once again I am getting a little tired of this terrain. I need it to change! But soon we will be in the desert and I won’t like that too much so I guess I should enjoy this whilst it lasts!


Well it has been a long time since he has been mentioned and I feel it is time for an update. I spoke to Nigel today and we ahd a great catch-up. We chatted about some of the terrain I am going through but more about my mental state. He kept saying how mad it was that I was nearly done. It was so much fun back on those first 23 days with Nigel. Seems like a decade ago we were traulling through pennsylvania and the rain of Ohio. Now we are set for the last couple of weeks I am starting to think back about some of the amazing sights I have seen.

Shaun’s Friend

Shaun decided it would be a great idea to try and catch a lizzard today. This was hilarious as the lizard decided to take refuge in the base of his shoe. I have a long video that I will post one day but for now trust me watch shaun try and get a foreign boddy out of the soul of his shoe was hilarious. Especially as as soon as it got out it ran into his other shoe! This continued for about 5 minutes! Althoguh funny, with the clocks going back once again we lose light pretty quickly. So we had to press on afterwards!

The Dark

Not only is it quite dangerous walking in the dark I have also found it is quite depressing. You really can’t gauge distance. But out here the danger is less than it has been previously. There is about a 7 foot shoulder to walk on and also the moon is full with no clouds so it is quite bright and you can actually see where you are going. Shaun came to find me as the RV was parked just off the highway. Walking with a torch made far more sense. I might start carrying one if we keep hitting out a few miles late at night.

Jon Beeby
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  • Vickywilkins
    Posted at 16:13h, 14 July

    You could get a head touch beebs but that would be extra weight!! xx