Day 71 – Connected

Day 71 – Connected

Back on the road and only two weeks and 4 days left. Now I am writing this I only have 2 weeks and 3 days left, Finish a week on Wednesday!


I have spent the day on Skype today, talking to many different people. Now we are in Arizona we seem to have pretty good connection the whole time. I managed to speak to my parents, Jen, my girlfriend, my sister who is in Edinburgh getting ready for the festival, Tom Reast a mate from school, Annie a friend from home, and Henry Keep a close friend and film maker. It is great waking and talking, the time seems to fly. People do kind of ask the same questions but it is great to get updates from them about what is going on in their lives and also great to hear news from back home. I can’t wait to see people but for now Skype is keeping me going.


I uploaded some Tim minchin music onto my iPhone and walked and listened to some comedy music for a lot of today. I haven’t listened to Tim for quite some time but his comedy and music is timeless. Great to just walk, laugh and sing along. You should youtube him. Some of my favorites are ‘Prejudice’, ‘If you really loved me’ and ‘Storm’ If you get a chance have a listen on youtube. I have said that music helps but comedy is even better. Sometimes i have to stop as i am laughing to hard to breath. Eddie Izzard is a great example. I have been listening to him for year and still he makes me laugh.

Last leg

Chris came and walked the last leg of the day with me. We chatted about how the scenery changed, Chris is obsessed with trying to find a snake for me to see but I am OK to stay snake free for the whole of this trip. Also walking with photographers is brilliant, they really see things that I would normally miss and it prompts me to take better photos. We ended our walk with a chat about spirituality which links very nicely back to Tim Minchin’s song ‘Storm’ it is quite long but well worth a listen On 5 more days till the end of the week. Can you tell I am counting down? I promise not to do it every day, but we are 5 days from Phoenix, 10 days from California and 17 days from the Pier. Tick Tock!

Jon Beeby
  • Jen James
    Posted at 14:57h, 11 July

    If you started running you would make it there quicker and get back in time for clipper…lazy!!!!

    Im counting down the days for you too xxxxxxxxxx

  • Matt Oberg
    Posted at 21:25h, 11 July

    it would seem that you are actually going to finish this.  amazing.