Day 66 – All By Myself

Day 66 – All By Myself

Going Solo

On leg two today the road was too dangerous for the RV, we could have done we a good old Land Rover Defender. Anyway I headed off on my own, loaded up with four liters of water, an orange and a banana, all you need for a good 20 miles on your own. I headed up this steep hill to a plateau and walked for about 8 miles till I was greeted with a sign that said ‘Keep Out, Indian Land’ there was no way round and not a chance I could turn back. So I apprehensively went on. I didn’t greet any of the marker patrols but I was very aware of not taking photos and moving quickly. I was soon out the other side and soon got a text from Shaun saying they were only 13 miles from my starting point. This was a relief. I soon found them and I was safe again


On leg 3, Helen came with me to get me off this dusty road. It was nice being on flat land, Also the company after that 13.6 stretch was much needed. When we got close to the road, the dust track veered off in some strange direction. I could see the Tar road so we decided to off-road it. As we reached the fence two trucks pulled up and watched us. I called over to see fi there was a way round, A voice from the car came back ‘ you’ll have to jump it’ before we did he asked where I was headed, As usual I gave the brief overview of my trip and this native got out his car, sort of laughing. When we were over the fence he asked to have a word. Apparently I was once again in Indian Land. I found out later you can be prosecuted. But this guy seemed pretty friendly after I told him what I was doing. He drove off laughing  whilst offering me a ride o his motorbike he was towing.

The Lord

On the final mile of my last leg today I was greeted by a Pastor of a church I was passing. He was a Steelers supporter and we had a good chat. I unfortunately couldn’t stop due to my legs being so tired I felt they would seize up. Luckily he walked with me, Bible in hand. I am nor a religious man, but Jon, the Pastor is and I respect that. He is an ex Marine and I have even more respect for that. Someone who has seen combat, he must have seen most things in life and must have a pretty rounded view it. Anyway it was great to have a brief chat with him and then finish off my day.

Jon Beeby
  • Thea
    Posted at 16:03h, 06 July

    Isn’t that who we were supporting in the Superbowl final when we were in San Fran? I hope you mentioned that you are also a steelers fan!! kind of. not really. Maybe more of ‘cheer-when-everyone-else-does, boo-when-everyone-else-does-fan! xx

  • Thedudemoe
    Posted at 08:01h, 07 July

    Jon Jon I am surprised at you – You should have told that guy that you were a personal friend of Wes Studi – I’m sure my Cherokee friend would have past status muster with you navajo scout!!!  x  Scout 9toes.

  • John Keys
    Posted at 17:50h, 07 July

    Saw your dad after a memorial service at St Mary’s this afternoon – wouldn’t have known about your heroic effort otherwise. Hope you get through the desert ok. All best, JohnK

  • Nigel
    Posted at 22:44h, 07 July

    I was there for the starter. Sorry I’m missing the desert. Ha ha

  • Roger Matson
    Posted at 04:20h, 09 July

    Jon, I am religious and I believe for you to have a minster in the middle of the desert walk with you I think it could have been a sign from the Lord that he is pleased with you his son. There is a palms “Footprints in the Sand” It is about when you think you can’t do it anymore he carries you but you only see one footprint its his. I have this on a card for you the next time I see you.  That’s why I always say God Speed he is right with you for moral support and will give you the strength you need to finish your destiny. You are in my prayers stay safe. Friends Forever Roger Matson