Day 63 – Food Glorious Food

Day 63 – Food Glorious Food

Another day off another city, well not just any city, Santa Fe. It is so good to be back here, and what a relaxing day.


Chris and Shaun headed out to check out some of the museums of which there are too many to see in one day but also they wanted to really go and check out Santa Fe. Helen and I waited until David, from Complete RV Care, arrived to sort out all of our issues with our moving house. When he got here and started working Helen and I took off and went to a local Bakery & cafe for brunch. It was amazing, pancakes, eggs, bacon, Orange Juice. So delicious. We got back to the RV and Dan & Tom, some friends From LA were not far behind us to take us to Sandy’s house for lunch. This was a feast as well. Wow, grilled sandwiches, pasta salad, ice cream, chips & dip. It was great to see them all and just chat about everything including the fires, and also the route I am taking as it goes through Navaho Nation, the land owned by the native American Indians.

Rest & Relaxation

It is so nice to just chill out. After we got back from lunch Helen & I went swimming then came back to the van and have just been relaxing all afternoon. I can tell the end is near as we have been chatting about what everyone’s plans are for after the walk ends. I know where I am headed, BED for at least three days and then off to Las Vegas, the real one! For a week of pools, long drinks and more sunshine before I head back to the UK. I cannot wait. Chirs is talking about San Fran and Shaun, well He can’t make up his mind right now but who knows, maybe Vegas, maybe San Fran, maybe a cheap motel by the beach in LA. Which ever way everyone deserves a good rest.

Jon Beeby
  • Roger Matson
    Posted at 21:49h, 03 July

    Jon, I am glad to read your blogs to catch up on your journey. Sound like you have had some trying times this past week. Hang in there you always see a gold lining in the situations that present themselves. I’ll be waiting on your next blog. We are planning to get the video of people from Lincoln Il.  this week on Friday, we will be having WCIS TVv channel in downtown for live broadcasts.  Roger 

  • Thedudemoe
    Posted at 08:58h, 05 July

    Good job you did not read “Blood & Thunder” before you headed off into Navajo country – tricky we buggars.  You should see some amazing rock formations.  Sande is spelt like that – Sande but the grub looked great even though she has a poncy spelling!!   Mom and I were very jealous!  Note: the sound of an English ‘H’ is ‘J’ in mexican and I believe Spanish.  Weather here is beautiful and we have Alice, Tommy and Yvonne all piled into our Redmile nuthouse along with Bobby who is being spoiled rotten.  Miss you but look forward to seeing you in Santa Monica Police station!!!  xx