Day 60 – The Distance

Day 60 – The Distance

After finishing last night and deciding to stay on 104, I have to get up and try and make up the miles.At least the sunrise was good!

Extra Miles

So going this route is an extra 25 miles. With only three days left this week I have to try and make up the miles. It looks like I won’t make it even if I do 45 miles a day. That will take me to 10 miles outside the city which is acceptable prior to my day off. I am not that happy about it but it is acceptable and in the end it is the safest way for us to all get there. This is going to be tough.


This is the sparse desert I have always imagines, just nothing for miles. No wifi, no cell phone signal and just me, the road and my support team every 10 miles. walking though all this land makes me feel tiny. It also gives you a feeling of insignificance. You get a real sense of time and place. This whole trip is just a nanosecond in the history of the world. No matter, I push on and try and eat up the miles.


The third leg, Helen joined me and we hiked up a 3.5 mile hill. We managed to get up to about 7500 feet. Was a great feeling when we got to the top, but once again the terrain changed drastically. From desert to big wide open plains. It baffles me how you go from a place with little to no life to almost farmland in a matter of miles. Maurice, my step-dad describes the landscape like a patchwork blanket, and now I know what he means. I love it and every step I take and every foot I go up in elevation I know I am getting closer to Santa Fe. Each day I get more excited.

Jon Beeby
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