Day 58 – Clockwatching

Day 58 – Clockwatching

Even though the terrain today was amazing I found today incredibly dull. It is strange that if you aren’t in the mood you are just watching the miles clock up.

San Jon

My first town today was a place called San Jon. Shaun had parked the RV outside a motel and when I arrived I was introduced to the two British owners Daphne & Norman Marsten. They were great and simply fold me to watch out for Rattlers, scorpions and tarantulas, which fill the road when it rains! Oh Joy!! I saw a tarantula tonight, a scorpion about a week ago and still haven’t come across a Rattler. I think when I do I will be afraid, very afraid!

No. 5 – Special Fried Helen

Ok, so I have had my share of little burn here and there from when I forgot to put suncream on or missed a bit whist rubbing it in, but Helen came back from a walk today and looked like your typical British tourist in Tenerife! She is a nice shade of pink! She looks like I should, but I pretty much put factor 50 on with a roller to keep myself from burning! I am secretly so happy she burnt before me. Now if I get burnt I can just say I am following a trend. As for Helen, it is never fun being a sun burn trend setter!

Route 66

So after following Route 66 all the way to Tucumcari, we split away from it to head up to Santa Fe. It did at one time go up up Santa Fe but the road is so disjointed I have mapped a slightly different route. Although I am heading away from the road I love so much, it is great to be on this country road I could almost imagine a load of cowboys riding through this baron land. The landscape is changing so quickly now it is amazing! We are currently moving trough vast open plains. Just waiting to see my first bit of tumbleweed!

Jon Beeby
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