Day 52 – Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)

Day 52 – Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)

What a great song. I heard this the other day and it is a fantastic song that gets you in the Texas Spirit. State boarder today. Youtube the video!

After yesterday’s windy spell it was great to wake up to a completely still morning. Before the sun came up it was difficult to tell what sort of day it would be. When it did come up what an amazing site. We are now starting to see what a beautiful country this is. The light is changing and it makes all the difference. My sisters Godfather was quoted on my dad’s photo album with the words ‘The secret to a good life, is good light’ I now understand this. The colors that are created are incredible from deep blues to a heavy saturation of orange all of this hits the sandy lands and creates the greatest picture you will ever see. I would say no photographer can ever capture the moment but I guess I will leave that as a challenge to both Chris & Shaun.

It is amazing how a landscape and it’s people can change so quickly as you go over a state line. All of a sudden there are hundreds of oil and gas drilling sites which is juxtaposed by the endless fields that go on for as far as you can see. The truck drivers are wearing cowboy hats and there are real cowboys! The support team caught up with a load of cowboys at Maxeys Steakhouse. They got a quick interview with them and these pretty cool photos.

RV (motor home) Issues
So tonight I got back to the RV with some pretty bad news. We are out of water and the tanks for the waste water are full. We have headed to an old prison that has an RV park attached to it. There is nobody here so we are just filling up with water, which is brown in colour with a sign next to the tap that says do not consume. Ah no, Chris has just found a better tap. Time to drain the tanks, rinse them and then re-sill!

Here are some pics of the support team having fun and me being very serious!

Jon Beeby
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