Day 49 – Chapel Of Love

Day 49 – Chapel Of Love

The wedding went well. Apparently it was a great success Lisa looked amazing and when I spoke to everyone at around 11pm they were having a great time. I was very sad not to be there but here is a photo of the happy couple and wish them all the best in their new life together. Shaun filmed the whole phone conversation and I think it makes some pretty good footage. I can’t wait to start working on this as a whole project. They are two very talented guys and already the feel of the film is making it self known.


So the roads are changing quite quickly now. Since leaving Oklahoma City yesterday I have been on a long gravel road, and then it went to almost bedrock then we were walking on red sand. A very diverse day for terrain. I find it very interesting and actually takes my mind off walking. I guess I am just concentrating on how I am walking on the different surfaces and also just making sure my technique is right. When Helen was massaging me tonight she noticed a knot in my calf that I have had before but it is usually when I am suffering from fatigue so the roads obviously took their toll. Anyway all is good and it is very cool for me to be noticing the difference in the road in such a short space of time.

The Church

The crew stopped in at church that was five miles in to one of my legs today. When I arrived they were talking to the lady who ran the church. She was informing me about how the state changes quite significantly from the east to west of Oklahoma City. It was great to talk to her and she told us that there was a bridal shower the next day that was beach themed as the couple were getting married in Florida. Someone had asked if they had employed people to make it more beachy due to the crew all sunbathing on the roof of the RV. She also said that it was a shame we hadn’t been here 10 days before as harvest was going on. She told us that the fields were just an amazing sight when completely golden with corn.


Chris walked with me on the final leg today. He stated that he needed to experience the walk so that he could better understand what I was going through and therefore this would enhance the documentary. He did very well. He kept up with the pace and we spoke a lot about how the land was very similar to Africa and how he felt at home here. We saw some pretty incredible sites and finished the day back on a paved road after walking through sand and some fairly basic roads. LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THIS BULL!

Jon Beeby
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    Mate you’ve lost a lot of weight, you should do a weigh in!