Day 47 – Changes

Day 47 – Changes

So it is the final crew change around day! Ali is flying off to Denver, Chris is flying in from Johannesburg and Shaun is flying in from Vancouver.

New Crew

Time for some introductions. Chris Saunders was introduced to me through a mutual friend Raf. Chris is a film maker from South Africa who has worked with companies such as Red Bull, Puma along with Dazed & Confused Magazine. He stands at about 6 foot 3 inches and is mad about films. His knowledge exceeds mine so I am suitably impressed. Shaun is also from South Africa but lives in Vancouver. He is also a film maker who is larger than life with these great white teeth and a smile that hardly leaves his face. His credits match Chris’ but Shaun is outside working right now so I can’t get this info off him, but trust me he’s is a big deal! Between them both they are going to shoot something pretty spectacular and are already talking about a weekly video blog. So that is something for all you commuters to get excited about.

Day Off

After last nights shenanigans Helen and I have spent the day cleaning, sorting and generally getting everything ready for the new arrivals. I have had the incredibly boring task of backing up all the data to separate hard drives in case we loose any footage. Then we headed to the airport to pick up Chris, then waited another 3.5 hrs for Shaun to arrive. It was a day of waiting but then the most important part, my sleep. We didn’t manage to get back to the start line until around 1.30 AM. A late night but to be honest I knew that the next day I would be running on adrenalin so I could catch up on my beauty sleep the next night.

Just so you get a taste of things to come, here are some pics from Chris. He shot these in the Parking lot we were waiting in for Shaun.

Jon Beeby
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