Day 41 – Oklahoma! OK!

Day 41 – Oklahoma! OK!

It had to be the title really! I have reached OKLAHOMA. My 8th state. I got a little emotional as I crossed over the state line. Such a great feeling!


We stopped last night just a little way from Capps Creek Conservation Area. We pulled up in what seemed to be a countryside lay-by. At about midnight I heard a loud panicked whisper form Ali ‘ There are guys outside saying we are trespassing’ My response was a moan and pass out. They seemed to go away so we slept sound for the rest of the night. This morning within about 30 seconds of walking I was approached by a young kid on his moped. He asked if I was OK, we started talking and it turned out it was his family who had been outside. I asked him to send my thanks and to apologies for me. I didn’t catch his family name but he was called Marcoux. He also let me record a short film of him so here it is.

8th State

My third leg ended just after I had cross the Oklahoma state line. Such a great feeling. I was listening to More Than A Feeling as I crossed over. I can’t believe how far I have come. Things just seem to be falling into place now. I don’t want to get complacent but it is all just routine. Up, Ready, Walk, Breakfast, Walk, Lunch, Walk, Ice Cream & Trail mix (awesome), Walk, Dinner, Massage, Blog, Bed. Having Ali and Helen to help, as it was with Nigel, is fantastic. They deserve a huge amount of thanks from me, the charity and the Kids who we are raising money for. They have been unquestionably supportive and I really could not have got anywhere near as far without everyone who has been out to help. So for this I think you all. A quick note: when I raise my hand to thank cars and trucks for not getting too close the further west I go the more animated the response is. I can never catch it on camera or film but trust me when someone does a two handed wave back that makes you laugh. Thank you Missouri, you have been amazing and I will not forget the time I spent with you!

Wyandotte Nation

Almost like a scene out of a movie, I crossed through Wyandotte Nation and have seem some amazing wildlife. The sun was going down and glistening on the lakes and my choice of music (the Madagascar Soundtrack) fitted perfectly. Hans Zimmer you are a king! Ali ran back and met me for the last 1.5 miles and we spoke about his departure, random facts we both knew, or thought we knew and whether or not he will be able to make it out to the finish line. Being in Oklahoma now signifies the start of the crew change around. Once again we have new people to get into the routine whilst they try also and shoot the documentary. It is gonna be hard work for everyone but it will be worth it. Wyandotte Nation is beautiful and if it is a sign for the rest of Oklahoma this will be another amazing state.


LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THIS FLAG!! (use the bus a reference)

Jon Beeby
  • Susan
    Posted at 15:07h, 12 June

    Hi Jon – lovely to keep reading your blogs – feel I could write a daily one too as we lead up the Saturday!! Today is the first day without rain!… hope…..
    We’ve now done the table plan, dress rehearsal for the Mehari, Lisa confirmed last night in the Cathedral in Lucca and so on… I’ll try to keep you up to date.

    Big hug  Susie and all. x

  • Thedudemoe
    Posted at 15:34h, 12 June

    I laughed when I read your big flag comment – your Mom and I know about those – you should see the size of the one at the suzuki garage in Sant Fe!  They seem to get bigger as you move along – I have to say that your writing is really very very good Jon – You must turn this trip into a travel book when you get back and we’ll se about getting it published.  Are you in line to set some sort of time record for the distance or the crossing of the States.   Well youare now in Ruth Anne’s state – Oklahoma.  Loxcation for Steinbecks novel ‘Grapes of Wrath’ – One to read!!  Love Moe x