Day 40 – Back In Time

Day 40 – Back In Time

Sorry for the late arrival of the photos.


This morning I passed through a town called Billings. Nothing really out of the ordinary except most of the architecture. It felt a little bit I had gone back in time with Marty Mcfly. Billings looked a little bit like cowboy movie set. Everyone seemed very friendly and I didn’t see anyone riding a horse so I knew I was still in 2011. I set off from Billings to stop for the end of the first leg in Logan.


My sister has just landed in LA and she took a 30 mile bike ride to Santa Monica Pier. It was amazing to see the finishing post. Not quite sure I am keen on the gloating look on her face, but I know she is backing me all the way. It is such a shame we won’t see each other as she is flying back to the UK in a couple of days. I am glad she has been to the pier so she will know exactly what it is like when I finish. I Hope you enjoy LA Alice and I can’t wait to see you at the festival in Edinburgh in August.

State Line

I am nearing the end of my time in Missouri. I passed a road sign today that said I was only 50 miles away, but then I turned off that road. At least I have a ballpark figure and we should be there tomorrow. It will be amazing to get across the next state line. I have already completed 6 of 12 and this will take me to 7. I feel like I am getting to the point of counting different things down. States, Miles, Days, Crew turn changes. We change to our final crew in a week when we get to Oklahoma City. Ali will be heading home and Chis and Shaun will be replacing him. They are both great cameramen and we should have some fantastic pictures along with some pretty amazing footage. If we can I will try and get some edits done and we will post them. For now please have a look at these two videos. The Promo & The Shave.

I saw this on the ground just after we left Monett. I have no idea what it is in relation to. I guess some charity walk.

Jon Beeby
  • Alicebeeby
    Posted at 21:28h, 10 June

    I’m SMILING for youuuuuuu!!! I’m welcoming you to the finishing post? Are you walking all the way up to the end of the pier or just the sign (that’s kind of at the beginning of the pier)? Xxx

  • Thedudemoe
    Posted at 15:20h, 12 June

    Hey Alice and Hey Hey Jon – You two are walking in the footsteps of 9toeMoe step daddy!  How I envy you – you are both having wonderful trips and experiences – love you both – see you at Heathrow on the 14th Alice.  Love you Jon xx