Day 04 – One More State

Day 04 – One More State


Just wanted to thank Shellie at the bar in Wiessport for letting us fill up with water! It is kind gestures like this that help us along our way!

Not a Great Start

I woke up early, it was raining, and as it was the last day with James, had breakfast and said goodbye. Only to walk 200 yards down the road to find I had some of his equipment on me. I got the RV to meet me at the next fuel station as I knew we had to refuel as well. Once this was all done, Nigel took James to the station and I headed off into the rain.

Refreshingly Wet

Surprisingly walking in the rain is actually very refreshing! The only issue is when you have a huge juggernaut go past and you literally get a shower in a second. This makes it all sound very dangerous but all the drivers in New Jersey were very good, they took a wide berth round me and most gave a little thank you wave after I had thanked them for looking out for me!

State Line

About four miles in I hit the town of Philipsburg and walked over an old bridge, The Easter Philipsburg Bridge, and crossed into Pennsylvania. Actually a great feeling covering three states in four days but I don’t want to get too complacent!  Looking at the map it looks like I will be in PA for quite a while!

Technical Issues

We headed to the Verizon store to get all the tech issues sorted out for the RV and for me. I had been eating through credit on my phone so made a decision to just go and get another portable Wi-Fi unit and then we could keep in touch more easily and for less cost. The guys at Verizon, David and Rich we very helpful and sorted us out. This put me behind again but it was a much needed stop!

Final Leg

The last leg of today was hard going as I walked down a pretty busy highway. It was no more dangerous than any other road I had walked but it just looked bigger so psychologically it made me more aware. To take my mind off things I got on Skype and caught up with some people from home and updated them on my progress! We ended up in Wiessport, PA, an amazing little village that reminded me of an old fishing town, looking at the name of the place it probably was!

Jon Beeby
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  • Alice
    Posted at 11:18h, 16 May

    that’s a pretty big hole in the ground – did you make that jumping up and down haha x