Day 39 – Following The Leader

Day 39 – Following The Leader

So when Helen was walking with me today we walked 5 miles in single files due to the road having no where to walk on and the volume of traffic kept us off the road. It was ridiculous and when we got back even Helen was exhausted. It was both mentally and physically draining.

Home connection

I think I spoke to more people today on skype than any other day. As well as having conversations with people via email and twitter. One of the stories is that Chas & Dave have set a date for their wedding. Dave and I were talking about it over E-mail. I am so glad I will be home and able to go. Just thinking about seeing a lot of the people from home sometimes gives me the energy to finish that hill, leg or even the day. Thanks for the invite guys. I might have to get a new suit as I think my old one will be a little baggy. If the pic is true maybe the after the wedding remodel the house?


After a scary moment yesterday we are back into the full routine. None of us are really sure what happened, whether it was the heat, the rubbish ‘fresh salad’ from the supermarket or just exhaustion but on a leg yesterday I lost all energy. My eyes were closing, I was staggering up a road. It was quite scary as my mind was fine but my body wouldn’t function. Anyway it just goes to show that one slight change can have some serious consequences. It was ok though after a 15 min sit down in a supermarket I was back on the road. Anyway we have now returned to the usual routine and today energy levels were fine.


There was no Marge, Bart or Homer but Springfield is massive. I seemed to be walking through it for about 10-12 miles. I had numerous people ask me to say hi to the Simpsons as i walked through it. I did look for mail boxes with the surname but no joy. Some of the house did look like they were out of a model town though, quite bizarre. We are now located in Republic where we are staying for the night. I am all showered, massaged and ready for bed. I can’t wait to snooze tonight. Today was tough but once again another 40 miles in the bag! So happy. I have now done 1371 miles in 39 days only 183 to the half way mark.

Jon Beeby
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  • Jen James
    Posted at 04:29h, 10 June

    I nthe time you walked 40 miles I made lunch and supper for 11, strawberry, white chocolate and cinnamin muffins, focaccia, spicy potato soup and hot bannan with mascopony!!! You can get a lot of cooking done!!
    So lovely to just chat most of the day – and planning “Thea’s weekend round 2”!!
    Love you lots xx