Day 03 – From The Garden To the Countryside

Day 03 – From The Garden To the Countryside

Early Rise

I woke up and left the RV without even waking the support team. Not a great idea but having said this I didn’t really think. I just wanted to get on the road and let them rest, we are all tired and there is no need to wake people is they don’t have to really be up for about 2 hours. I got a panicked call from Nigel expressing that he had no idea where he was heading. Be calm Nigel, I had put the destination into the Sat Nav and left it on the Dashboard!



New Jersey just seemed to get better and better. It went from looking like a small town TV set to ‘Little House On The Prairie’. Just rolling hills, white picket fences and classic America, red sided and white roofed farmhouses.


Keep on moving

When I got to the last leg of the day I was keen to keep moving, a quick bite to eat and I asked the support crew to go ahead and get some much needed laundry done. By the time I had done my 40 miles they were about 30 mins away from finishing so I just kept on walking and managed to get 42 miles done. Although only 2 miles it makes a massive impact on the grand scheme of things. Just looking at every extra mile now as eating into my deficit. I was really uplifted by the end of the day and was ready for another day. We filled the RV tanks with water and headed for a quick Pizza before bed. We had loads of Pizza left over and Nigel was going to throw it out. When I stopped him he stated that I ‘simply see all food as fuel’ and he isn’t wrong.


Jon Beeby
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