Day 29 – Here Comes The Sun

Day 29 – Here Comes The Sun

What a dramatic change in the weather system! Sun Sun Sun!

Goodbye Sir Michael Field

Firstly we headed to Springfield, a good 12 miles start to the day. I met the team at the Amtrak station where I would say my final goodbye to Mike. He has been an absolute star on this trip. Getting up with me every morning, making sure I had everything and I think he came walking every morning except one, when his trainers were too wet. Mike is a professional, he has kept me in line and made sure I was keeping my pace and generally just speaking to me about what my muscles are doing. It is good to know what pain means what. Tonight, he is in Chicago waiting for his flight tomorrow. Safe travels Sir Michael, and I promise that night out in London will be here sooner than you think.Mike is now being replace by Pappa Beebs. He will be waving at mikes plane as the cross somewhere over the Atlantic. Luckily Dad won’t be residing in the RV, the phrase ‘This RV ain’t big enough for the both of us’ sprung to mind. I am sure now he is on his way out there will be some pretty stunning photos put in the blog.

The Sun & Wind

So, I have been whinging about the rain for so long, now I get the polar opposite. I think i described today as if you were walking with a hairdryer blowing in your face. It was so nice not getting back into the RV cold and wet. But the heat definately played some mind games on me. For instance at mile 34 I was saying to myself you only have 4 miles to go, purely becuase there was a 4 in the number. I got through it and after speaking to my old school friend, Reasty and then Alex Doyle, one of the ladies I coach rugby to back in the UK, things were ok. I just walked through the last five miles and Helen jumped out the RV and walked the last couple with me.

The Routine

When I get back in the RV at night Ali & Helen, after their day of sunbathing on the roof, spring into action. There is no rest for me. First it is straight in the shower, trust me I need it. Then it is on to food, immaculately prepared by Ali. Then outside to stand in ice cold water for 3 mins plus… depending on how brave I am feeling. This ice bath is ok, but it is when my feet start warming up the yelps of pain are heard from around the van. It is sore. Then when I have recovered from that it is on to foam rolling, which sounds really nice, it isn’t for my calves and IT Bands, makes me nearly cry every night. Then Helen massages my feet and calves. This is relaxing and painful. So by about 10pm I am done..well except for writing the blog. Honestly, the life of a walker is so much more than just one foot in front of the other. But it is all worthwhile for the relief it gives me on the first legs the next day.


Jon Beeby
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  • vickywilkins
    Posted at 10:53h, 31 May

    Yeah Yeah – You just like the messages!! P.s Well done Beebs for reaching the 1000 miles. So are you looking all muscely now or just really thin?